Studio Challenges: You Are My World

Hello there!! What a busy month, right?!

It's new challenge time at Studio Challenges. The challenge
for the next two weeks is this sketch.

This sketch is brilliant cause it's easy to make it as simple
or as complicated as you want.

I chose to go simple with a layout about my son's 11th birthday.
Or is it about his smile? Or maybe that he's my world?

So much going on in this one photo!!!!!

A few tips and tricks I learned about photographing kids. I picked up
most of these tricks from Click it Up a Notch.

#1. Kids are active . . . they don't want to stare directly at a camera.
#2. Some kids, like mine, resent "photo day". So I give plenty of 'warning'
and maybe, a little money for bribery. Forced pictures look like . . . forced pictures.
#3. This particular photo Daddy is standing rather close to him and pretending
to tickle our son. Have that camera "glued" to your face and just snap away.

I promise you, do these three things and you will love the results.
(Disclosure - I am not a professional photographer. 
Just a mom who took a few classes to learn about my camera and taking
photos I can be proud of.)

Hint: This one photo represents one of 460. So, it takes practice. Plus I have
shaky hands so tend to snap at least 3 photos of same pose.

Nearly everything on this layout is Doodlbug Designs 'Flea Market' line.

I added my own stash of wooden leaves and 'smile' for more texture.

I had to hand-stitch cause my sewing machine went on strike.



Simple Stories - Sn@p Basics 'Elm/Cream Ledger' = background
Doodlebug Designs - 'Flea Market' line, including the sequins
Wooden Embellishments
Hand stitching


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