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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cards for Kids: Anchor

It's a bit of a scavenger hunt both in stores and online to find inspiration for boy cards. I found this "anchor" die on sale at Hobby Lobby and knew it was perfect for this on-going project. 

I didn't make very many for this year but plan on making a bunch for next year.

I used nothing but scraps!!

HINT: You really don't need to use your best stuff for these. It's the thought that counts. I do try and make the cards look clean and well put together though.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Cards for Kids:
The cards are for a camp for battered, abused and neglected children. The camp is called Royal Family Kids Camp, and you can check out the organization at if you want to. These cards are for the Clayton County Georgia camp.
The kids are treated to a fun filled week, and are shown lots of love. It is a Christian based camp, but they are not preached to --our goal is just to love them with the love of Christ, and to give them a week to make wonderful memories and new friends, and feel safe and loved. The counselors and other staff members write notes to each camper and they are put in their slot in the camp mail box. THe neat part is that we have a Post Miistress, who logs in a book to make sure that each canper is receiving cards, and that they all get about the same number of cards. Everynight, before bed, you will find the campers sitting on their bunks, poring over their cards and you can see how much they mean to them. They can't believe that people who don't even know them, would take the time to make the cards for them. You will never now how much a simple card will mean to these kids. A really touching story is that a few years ago, we had a brother and sister who were once campers themselves, come back as couselor and praise team member- the camp meant so much to them that they want to be able to give back!

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