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Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday Resolution

If you haven't noticed, a lot of scrapbookers don't really scrap about themselves. Why not? Our children are definitely cute. Even our pets too. But if we think about it, we are always interested in our past generations and long ago relatives as adults, not as children. What did they do and what were their struggles? Who were they as a person? What were their daily lives really like. So on and so forth.

Today is my birthday and I am making a resolution today. I will try my utmost to scrap more about me. I will try to tell myself everyday that "I am lovely", even with the extra weight and wrinkles. I came across a blog that had a list of questions to ask myself and answer. I am going to try and eventually answer them all. I hope my future relatives, and most especially my son, will understand a little bit of what I was like as a woman under the age of 40.

We will see about after 40 later :)

If you would like to know what the questions were, you can find them at the link below.

Journaling Prompts for Scrapbooking About Yourself

For this page, I answered the following questions.
13. What personality trait do people most often associate with you? What other dominant trait do you have that people overlook? Most people would say that I am organized. Most people miss that I feel deeply, that I am passionate.
28. What games did you play in your home or neighborhood? My favorite game growing up was Talisman. I love most games and can play for hours.
38. How do you feel about winning? Losing? I actually don't care if I win, but it is actually hard for me to lose. I am usually that good at playing games.
Thanks for stopping by today!!! 
GO and start a page about YOU! 
I used both Teresa Collins and BoBunny PP for this layout.
I lightly glued the hearts to the page and then
machine stitched them all down.
A little cluster of goodies from various places. 
These wooden embellishments are from CreativeEmbellishments.
The large white flower is handmade by me.
I recently bought some wooden titles from Michael's
in the "$2" aisle. Did you know that was there?
BoBunny: Pincushion and Gabrielle Elegance PP
Teresa Collins: You are my Happy PP and stickers
Hearts (SCAL3)
Butterfly punch (tiny)
Wooden Embellishments
Border Punch by ek
Wooden button from Michaels


  1. First, I read every. single. word. Then, I STARED at every. single. photo. Reading about and seeing this layout about you made me feel so warm and fuzzy. It's beautiful! Finally, I pinned it :)

  2. A lot of Love went into creating this layout....its beautiful, just like the photo of you! Thank you for sharing the link to journalling prompts
    . mmmmmmm maybe this is something I should do :) Happy Birthday to you,enjoy your sprecial day! What a wonderful post! x

  3. I'm hopping with my dear friend, and your sister Alissa today. I am so glad she pointed us in your direction, I've seen your aviatar around, but haven't been to your blog yet. This layout is soooo pretty, I love it and can't wait to see more work from you!