Thursday, November 24, 2011

"No Peeking" really tested my color sense.  I loved the die cut of a little boy popping out of the present.  I also loved the sketch, by mojomonday.  Putting it all together was the difficult part.  The sparkly present doesn't EXACTLY match the Eskimo Kisses pp.  But, it's a slow love.  You have to get to know it first.  Walk away and think about it.  Come back and stare at it some more and admire how it just teases your senses.

As you can see, I stuck with it.  I think I will try to master this die cut with a card at another time too.  It's just begging for a little something . . . else.  It's a slow love.

The little boy is an SVG file provided by MyScrapChick.  I love this site and the complexity of the die cuts provided.  I did chalk around his face, cheeks and hands for dimension.  I also drew the closed eyes and nose with a black fine tip pen.


  1. What a sweet card, the little boy sleeping in the present is just so cute!